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I am a 13 year old boy and I want to be different because I Love maths, I am one of the smartest kids in school I have braces and glasses and I have 2 friends. I only have 2 because all the friends I used to have which was allot, I found out have been talking about me behind my back for around 6-7 years! :-( , my step mum yells at me for doing nothing then when cry she goes 'Oh stop begging for attention and stop fake crying!' My mum and her boyfriend tell me to shut up when I think aloud and I get bullied at school. there are 3 people I can trust. my friends and my dad. I want to change so I have way more friends, I don't get picked on as much and so I have a better life at home.
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You should just stick with the people you're friends with now. The only good friends are those who stick with you, not in spite of who you are, but because of who you are. Have a nice life :)

From what you write, and the way you write it, it is clear you are a good person. You deserve to do well and be happy, and it appears you know that, which is actually quite important and a good sign for you. Just hang in there through the rude treatment (and the braces ;), and keep building on your intellectual and other strengths. When I was in your place it would have comforted me to know what I'll tell you now: you have good experiences ahead of you.

first of all kid life isnt going to be easy believe me on that <br />
i aint saying i was the kid that got bullied at school but i seen quite alot of it.<br />
now regarding having friends; the 2 friends you do have are in the same boat as you so dont think you be growing in numbers in time soon. but this just might get you through school still being the smartest kid there. <br />
reading what you wrote doesnt look like you come from a wealthier family ether, might not have the upper hand there but its not a 100% loss. if your good at Maths you say stick with it dont give that up, last thing you want to do is suck at everything. thats when you hit rock bottom. try to excel in maths this is the only things that will give you the upper over others BELIEVE ME ON THAT dont worry about english or other subjects that much if your not that good at them. <br />
look for a sport you might like, if not interested in any dont worry much about it dont waste your time at it, just move on to something you like. even computer games is a skill (people make money even playing games) <br />
ask your self who is the most imported person in your life? if the answer is YOU then you got a bulls eye. without YOU rest dont really matter. you crumble the things around you will fall. this mean YOU have to be strong (mentally and physically) <br />
Exercise! dont have to go gym you can just do it at home by your self (Calisthenics is a good way to go)(look up "convict conditioning pdf" a place to start)<br />
Parents - by the sound of things they dont even know whats good for them themselves.<br />
look thats something you have to work on. dont ever let people see you cry! you are not weak. you are smart and you will be strong. not for some one but for YOUR SELF. <br />
with out YOU the rest dont matter. <br />
3 people i would trust. dont trust any one. rely on people, but dont TRUST (this will minimize the heart aches latter) <br />
if you love your dad stay close to him. he will guide when you when you will need most help, but rely on your self to walk the road. <br />
- Listen to peoples advices but make your own decisions <br />
- Never hold a grudge against people you never know when you might need there help<br />
- make your own path dont be a follower <br />
- accept your own mistakes and never point out others<br />
<br />
there are many advices people will give you along the way, listen to all even if you heard them before. never ignore but always make your own decisions

my mum and her boyfriend aren't joking :(

I do read all comments!!! :)

I dont know if my mum and her boyfriend are joking or not but My stepmum and people at school are DEFINATLY the proplem

Thanks for the advise, I cant use contacts because i also have hay fever but apart from that your comment has been really helpful thanks :-)

First, try not to let the step mom see you cry. Don't give her the opportunity to treat you like that. I understand that it may be difficult, but just try to hide those tears. Can you enlist your Dad's help with her treating you so disrespectfully? <br />
<br />
Thinking aloud, is a more difficult one. It is a hard habit to break, but you could try shewing on a toothpick, which could remind you to not say what you are thinking, audibly. <br />
<br />
The braces will come off in a couple of years. You can get contacts, or different fr<x>ames for your glasses. <br />
<br />
The thing is, you need to feel better about yourself. Once you can achieve that, maybe things will change for you. When people see someone with high self confidence, they don't feel the need to treat them badly, for some strange reason. <br />
<br />
I wish you all the best. Good luck.

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