Completely distressed about being shy and having limited control over it.   Tired of trying to do things to overcome it.   Why even try anymore? Three years of acting classes, improv classes, aphorisms, voice training, meditation,  etc. etc. and the pain remains.   I feel it prevents me from having a normal life.  Hate being viewed as "timid" or "insecure".   I'm successful in my professional life, extremely well educated, and not exactly suffering in life.  I have reasons to be confident so why don't I feel that way? Voice chokes up around people and I can't be "me".   Can't express emotions around others.

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1 Response Aug 25, 2009

Seems there may be a burr under the saddle that you may or may not know is there. Finding it and removing it may change the whole picture.<br />
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I did write a poem. "I could have been me" you aren't really alone