Just Be Happy I'm Dead

I just attended a funeral wake for an old collegue of mine.  The place was an almost comical mix of gossipers, fringe associates, dramatic needy folk, and the truely mourning.

Although he was a friend and some-one I spoke to often and had to my home through various occasions, I don't know where I fall in the mix.  Perhaps the "fringe associates".
I will miss my friend, but he battled cancer and even if there is no afterlife; he is better off in oblivion that suffering the way he was.

The collection of people today truely disturbs me.  Where else to you find a collection of people weeping and carring on alongside those laughing and telling jokes? 

I have no interest in a funeral or having those who mourn me when I pass.  I wish I could include in my will a don't tell anyone clause alongside my DNR.  My dream is to have it go down like this:

"Hey honey maybe we should call Mark, we haven't talk to him in a while"
"I don't think that is possible dear"
"Why is that?"
"I think he died 6 months ago"
"oh? Well that's too bad........Hey, do you want to go to the bookstore instead?"

and that would be coming from my dad.

But alas those are but dreams, I have kids and by extension built in mourners (unless I royally screw things up)

Why can't we be like the ancient vikings and throw a party when someone dies.  Maybe MTV could start a reality show: My Sweet Passing.  I would much prefer a 17 year old vomiting on my coffin after a keg stand then the alligator tears of so distant aunt who just wants people to feel sorry for her.

mr4553 mr4553
36-40, M
Jul 23, 2010