Save It For Someone Who Cares!

I often see these preachy types on EP, as another form of a troll! Recently, I had someone come into one of my stories to preach their views to me and my friends about how accepting cross-dressers is wrong. Eh, I don't need to be preached at. I'm not interested! =p

If a person is writing their own story, in a group, that's one thing. They can be preachy all they want, because people have the option of reading it or just moving on. But when a person bombards someones stories with their preachy comments... it's WAY annoying! I feel like shouting, "Who asked you, moron?! Go away!" This is why I never post comments on others stories, unless I agree with their view and have something positive to say. Otherwise, if I don't agree and comment on others stories with negative views and half-truths, I would just be preachy and butting into other people's lives uninvited and being a world class jerk-***! XD

Sorry, that's just my honest opinion on it. ;-)

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1 Response Feb 21, 2009

Thank you....Someone finally said it!!