If Only. If Only.

I see you every day with that other person. The way they talk to you without love or respect. I hear the way you two get along with each other with out warmth or kindness. I once asked you if you could get rid of that other person for me. You said when the time is right we will see if we are meant to be. I have waited for that time being there when they weren't. When you were sad. When you were angry. When you two fought. I have always been there with same amount of love as the first day we held each other. You are my rock as old is that line is right? I wish I could be you one and only. I could be better then them. I wouldn't fight with you over the little things like they do. I would laugh at your jokes cause unlike them I know your joking. I would be the same I am now only yours.

If only. If only.
Norealidentity Norealidentity
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2 Responses Jul 23, 2010

I waited so long that I forgot what I was waiting for. They broke up not to long ago, but my affections had already faded. a person can only be pushed back so much. I have found another that loves me the way i deserve and the one a was after cant stand it. I guess thats how karma is. You push so much you get pushed away.

why you make me cry? better to feel than not to feel i guess.