i really feel this way sometimes. not that what i want to be is popular...i don't think i could stand the pressure of being the girl everyone likes. i would always worry about saying the wrong thing and having all those people leave me. but some days i just wish enough people liked me (solidly) that i could feel worthy of something. i don't know. this is a contradiction because honestly i couldn't give a **** about
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No it doesn't help at all. Lol. Of course it does!!! Ur words are the voice in my head...what you write is the ethos for my life. I have also had fake friends and i know how unsatisfying that is. I have tried very hard to eliminate toxic ppl in my life for false agendas like thanks for validating that for me. I hope it also helps other people who still struggle with

Popularity isn't always what the unpopular think it is... I've been on both sides, and I was literally stunned by how many people only hung out with me because I was "popular." Most of them couldn't care less about me as a person, just that I was popular and that they could be more popular if they hung out with me and my "friends." Then, after a lapse in judgment, I found out what everyone really thought of me and how few real friends I had. I found that I actually liked being outside the popular crowd, because the friends that stayed with me, I knew they'd be there for me if I ever got in trouble. All the fake friends....if you don't live up to their expectations, they're gone.<br />
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It's great having lots of people around you, but I'd rather have only a few that I trust rather than a lot that are only with me cuz it benefits them. You don't need a lot of fake "friends" to feel worthy of something. The real friends you have are proof of your worth. Just smile and be proud of who you are!<br />
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I don't know if any of this helps, but it's just my 2 cents :)