Arrogant Friends

recently i had to go to Melbourne, you no to do that family stuff with the other half an his family... that was all cool till it was time to head home. My other half's phone rang so i took the call an it was a so called long time friend of his. Going by what my other half was saying they had plans on meeting at the pub, I did however get a bit panickier when i saw we were driving further away from home.. so i had a little sulk at the other half. Any way when we got to the meeting point my other half tried to introduce me to his mate.. I must admit i was arrogant at this point because I'd had blamed his friend for taking me further away from my kids at home... That was all cool he dismissed my arrogance as i had needed the toilet so his mate put it down to that. When i got back from the toilet i had a glass of coke ( i was not in the mood for drinking as i don't drink much anyways) but when i sat at the table his mate had whispered in my other half's ear.. After all was said an we had left to come home i then proceeded to have a sook at my other half... My theory was if he had something privet to say then he should have said it on the phone.. Not wait till we got there an been rude an arrogant in front of me... I am still upset about this so called friend an i now want to be as rude an arrogant as he was the next time he rings... The only problem is i no it is no in my nature to be like that but i really want to just to give me some satisfaction... 
streak74 streak74
36-40, F
Aug 10, 2010