It's a Reason

 maybe that's a reason im not as willing/hesitant to help people or do nice things-i dont want to end up being used in the long run.


just a thought

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Like all of us, fear has developed a part of your personality and now you are discovering that it exists and are trying to work out why you have it. Essentially you have been let down by others in your life and the result is purely a subconscious defense mechanism. Most people call this a trust issue and feel that others have created it. It is in fact as a result of choices you have made that have enabled you to give up control of things in your life to others that are yet to prove they deserve it or can handle it. I have a saying that has never let me down. Don't give away anything that you're not willing to lose. If you do and it gets lost then it can only be your fault for giving it away to begin with. I hope this helps.

RIGHT!!! many (myself included) blame OTHERS..when we have the choice to accept it or move on...I love this!!

That's great lostprophet . I'm really happy you understood where I was coming from. Believe it ir not everything that happens in our lives is a result of our own choices. One of my greatest strengths is the abiltiy to break anything down to it's smallest components and see it parts. I applied this to my own life and I realised that I was made up of things I was taught by my parents, things I was taught in school and things that i was taught by ny peers. What I went on to do was to assess every choice I was making and actually find out if it was what I wanted for myself, as an adult. If you ask yourself "why do I do this?" for every factor in your life you will be amazed at how little of you actually makes up who you are. From this point though you will be able to remove or leave as a part of you every choice that you make in your life. Feel free to run anything by me and I will offer you my thoughts. Take care and well done.

yeah, they're there..<br />
but in some cases it takes too much time and effort to sort through the fake n real..