One Of My Fears

My parents can be amazing but a lot of time i don't get along with them at all.
And when they do certain things i often think ohhhhhhhh myyyyy if i ever do that or act like that towards my children please kill me!
At a point in time , and i know some people think how can you ever say this!, but at one point my biggest fear was becoming like my mother.
It taught me alot though, there are so many times that i have said i willl never ever do that! i have improved my mothers rules and know that part of caring for a child is making sure they are safe BUT ALSO enjoying themselves and in the areas that my mum restriced me i will be a little more considerate of what my children want as well.

I still have a tinge of my fear of turning out like my parents but i know that i will change. i hope!
kayla13 kayla13
18-21, F
3 Responses Jul 21, 2010

exactly the same as i feel...:)

my plan exactly.

then work on being yourself