Soooooo Many Pitfalls

Mixing work and romance...bad idea in my opinion. I've seen it go sour so many times and so many ways.

For all it's a cliche, I had a (married) family member run away with his secretary.  And yes, he wound up divorced.

Even less drastic situations are tricky.  You date the boss (or some other person higher in office rank) and everyone cries favoritism when you get perks or promotions...even if you deserve them!  Same happens if YOU are the boss dating someone lower--even when they earn stuff, others are likely to claim you're playing favorites.

If you pair up with someone else in your team/work group/pod/whatever, that can throw off the whole group vibe.  It's even worse if someone else in the group has a yen for your new's terrible for the group dynamic.

And then if or when y'all break up, you still have to work together.  Can we say awkward???

So no.  While I'm open to Cupid's arrow whenever it may strike, I really would rather avoid a workplace romance.  There's just too many pitfalls.
Plaid Plaid
31-35, F
Sep 17, 2012