I Told You, I Don't Date People I Work With!

There's this guy I work with. He likes me alot. I like him but he's not my type and we work together. We get along great and have great conversations but other then that, I'm strong on not dating men at work. Yes I have told him that on several occasions. I'm thinking he just doesn't want to believe me on that or he's trying to change my mind. I don't want to lose his friendship though.

He seems to think I don't want to date him because he is 24 and I'm 34. I tell him that's not it and I go back to the work thing. Then he thinks it's because he has kids, which I do too so that surely is not it.

He gets mad at me when I say something he doesn't like or won't give him what he wants (a date). He'll give me the silent treatment for a day and then he's over it the next day. Which is childish to me.

I went on vacation last week to the coast. He asked me if I was going to meet any guys there. I said no I'm going to have fun with my kids. Then I told him if I did I sure wouldn't tell him anyways. He got hurt by that. I told him I could do what I wanted, we're not dating. Anyways I come back from my vacation and wondered why the heck he was giving me the silent treatment. Turns out that he went home with a girl I work with and they played the game of "doctor, you show me your's and I'll show you mine". He told me this and I laughed. I told him that he could do whatever he wanted that I wasn't his g/f.

This is why I don't date guys at work. Too much drama and then you see them at work and then see them after work. Everyone at work knows your business too once you break up.

jrdnjstn jrdnjstn
31-35, F
Jul 21, 2007