Just Go Ahead And Kill Me....

Everyday I wakeup and I'm ungrateful

Stare at myself in the mirror

I don't recognize myself

I used to be so beautiful

I used to feel so invinsible

NOw I feel ugly

Now I feel indispensible

So go ahead, dispense what you need

Take everything I have if that suits you

I won't even try to fight you off

And you know this, go ahead and take it

You push me down, make me feel like ****

You show me I'm weak and your stronger

Go ahead, I'm down and I aint getting back up

You know it,you smile.

Make me your prisioner in another cell

Make me useless in this unforgiving hell

Make me Believe that I'm here for your use

Make me believe that I'm just another *****

Sometimes I don't know how to handle  my emotions

As a kid i was dragged to the doctors and given a potion

Something, anything that cures the pain

Sometimes, I wish I'd shoot it in my veins

Don't tell me I can't cry tonight

Don't tell me I can't die tonight

So go ahead try to hurt me

So go ahead try to destroy me

I love that you think you're a man

But you have a limp ****, that you shove in me

Go ahead hope you feel better, tear it up

Make it sore and bleed itself out

You got what you wanted now leave me alone

Everything reminds me of that night

The doctor visits, the apartment,my bed

I can't sleep and you wonder why

I see you in my dreams and i slit my wrists

it feels good i missed the blood, keep flowing

The warmth leaves my body and i'm starting to shake

just like that when you held me tightly til i passed right out

So go ahead **** me with your hands, that's how you do it right?

It aint good til your sore and bleeding you say

Well good I'm lying here and I can't get up

bloods all around me, I wish you'd just kill me

And why didn't you? Would have been easier

Instead I just told everyone including the police

But they don't care, and neither do you

If I lie in this puddle of blood and close my eyes for good


cisa cisa
22-25, F
Mar 11, 2010