I Feel Guilty After Eating Anything Sweet...

For about a month now, I've been wanting to change a few things about myself... One of these things is how I eat. I've always eaten reasonably healthilly, but now I feel like I'm an 'eating healthilly' freak! :/ I haven't had tea (tea as in a 4:00 snack) for about 3.5 weeks, I never add sugar in anything anymore (Ex: tea, yoghurt, cornflakes, grapefruit...), for the past month, I've only drunk tea and water, NOTHING else (not even fruit juice) and I always give my deserts to my friends at school. Sugar has been becoming less and less frequent in my daily diet, and so have fat things (crisps, chips, hamburgers, soft drinks). So whenever I DO have the occasionnal cookie, or piece of chocolate, I feel REALLY guilty afterwards, and try to avoid having ANY more. And even when I've had a smallish meal at lunch, I NEVER go and snak, even though I get REALLY hungry after 5 hours of lessons in the afternoon. I feel like something's stopping me from having ANY kind of snack however hungry I am.
Is this getting ridiculously obsessive? Am I starting to have a problem? I'm really worried! :(
Thanks for your help! :)
JoooW JoooW
Dec 6, 2012