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I love my mother. She says that I'm her best friend.  She's a smart , loving woman...but she has the misfortune of being married to my dad. She stays out of a sense of duty and out of inadequate finances.  She doesn't have a bad life, She has everything she  needs...except understanding, love and passion. He treats her like a slave..and rarely praises her or takes her into consideration. He says mean things to her , and says it's her fault.   I could not live like that!!!


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When a man marries a woman , he doesn't know how fortunate he really is. He has vowed to love , honor , and cherish this person for the rest of his life. No woman should ever be treated like a slave ; no woman should ever be mistreated for any reason. A woman should be treated like the queen she is , with respect and dignity.<br />
When a man truly loves a woman , be it his wife , or his girlfriend , he should be a willing slave to her. Not literally. But he should do things for her , help her with anything , whether she asks or not. That's what he's there for.<br />
That's how I feel about women.

It was jusr a gentle for earning your rewards....I believe that not all of your rewards will be given to you here in this life. How much more glorious to have your reward in the very presence of God Himself!!! You cannot seriously look around this world and tell me that everyone gets what they deserve...that is just patently untrue. God will reward whom He will reward, according to His own will, in His own time. Think about all of the people who suffer in this need for apologies...I would just encourage you to think a little more broadly...consider all of the facts. Thank you so much for taking your time and troble to comment on my story. I appreciate your participation in the conversation!!<br />
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Penny :-)

I apologize penny if anything I said was harsh or berating. And i also apologize for not having read your other stories, I will do so. And I still am of the opinion that this existence, created by God, is a just existence, created by a just God. Therefore everything good or bad is earned by the deeds of the person, and is rewarded or punished by God.

Not you, you silly goose!!!!!!

Stevem7, you are a card!!<br />
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You didn't fail to get your point across the first time.

TravelinMan39, I make no excuses for either myself, or my mother. <br />
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SnowboardFreak1080. you write like you haven't read anything about me except this story. If you had, you would know that I am at present time striking out on my own. Refusing to settle. And if you think you have to earn the right to a decent partner...I would ask you to keep in mind that people don't always get what they deserve. <br />
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Harsh words from two people who don't even know I care? Not in the least. I'm here for friendship, not to be berated.<br />
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Thank you for your opinions.<br />
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Learn from her experience. Work for a college degree so that you don't have to depend on a man financially. But moreover, earn a proper man. Seek a man your truly compatiable with, that has the upmost respect for women. But a mate is earned not found, work for it.