Are You Trying To Say You’re Falling For Me Already? Lol What?

Yesterday I disconnected and turned off all the phones. Patricia started calling me since 7am and various times throughout the day and night time. I think she was calling me all day.

I thought, what.... is she obsessed? lol.

I had sent her some pictures the night before. ;P

No, nothing x-rated. She said I look pretty.

She initially called when I was asleep. Corri answered the phone and told her so. Pat said she’d call me later.

I avoided talking to her yesterday. I made myself unreachable.

Corri has been doing good keeping cool about me talking to Patricia. Even though deep down I know she feels somewhat uncomfortable about it. And she also took notice that Pat is very very eager on calling me alot and meeting me soon to hang out. She’s concerned for me. She said she’s ready to protect and defend me if Pat turns out to be the stalker type lol.

I’m doing okay interacting with Pat. Although I’m not sure yet whether she’s the one. She seems to think we’re clicking. She expresses that she likes interacting with me and wishes to continue doing so. She’s just somewhat fast. Or maybe I’m taking things too slow. But I’m just going with the flow of what feels comfortable to me. I hope she understands and is patient with me. I just need a little time and space to breathe her in, so to speak.

“I think we’re doing okay. Just slow down a bit. I want to take my time, do this right.”

And this morning when I reconnected the phones after Corri left to work, I had the feeling that the phone was going to ring soon after doing so and I expected it to be Pat.

That’s exactly what happened.

Not long after reconnecting, the phone rang. Before I picked up the phone, I looked at the clock. And I thought, “At this time Corri is still on her way to work.” Usually she calls me soon after arriving to work, but because of the time I knew it wasn’t Corri.

Yep, it was Patricia.

We talked briefly. I told her that roomie gave me the message about her phone call, but I wasn’t available to talk because I went to visit my parents for the day, which wasn’t really fact. I’m interested in continuing to interact with Patricia, but took yesterday as a time out. I’ll likely do so again whenever I feel the need.

Before we finished chatting, she said she’ll call me in an hour to talk with me some more.

I wasn’t feeling too chatty suddenly because of being wore out from the weekend. So before the hour was up, I decided to text her and tell her that I wasn’t going to be available to talk to her after all because I was waiting for an important phone call and I needed the line free. But that wasn’t true.

I guess she didn’t receive my text in time, because she still called me. I told her about needing the line free, but that she was welcome to text me. She did and we chatted that way a little while before she had to get back to work.

She mentioned in our conversation over the weekend that we could meet in a couple weeks. She’s giving me some time to grow more comfortable.

Hours later...

She’s texting me right now again.

Apparently, she likes to write poetry. She texted me a poem she wrote for me.

I'm not sure what to think.

Aside that, she said she smiles every time she thinks of me and other things.

I’m thinking, “Is she trying to tell me she’s falling for me already?”

Well, as for me, I learned my lesson from past experience. I used to allow myself to fall in love too easy. Yes, I agree, that was stupid and retarded of me haha. I think back on that, and think “what the f*** was I thinking?” haha

Exactly, I wasn’t.

So I’m cautious nowadays about those things, and I’m planning not to fall in love with Patricia anytime soon and maybe never lol.

You know, something that’s been catching my attention.....

something about her somewhat reminds me of someone I used to know.

That would be creepy crazy if it actually did turn out to be her lol. Because for a long time so and so was stalking me in the online world, following me everywhere. Maybe she finally got a hold of me in the real world. Oh shiznit lol. No wayyyy. It couldn’t be or could it?

Is her likeness in Patricia pure coincidence? I hope so.

But I’m not afraid if that were the case. Actually, if it did turn out to be my ex-obsessed stalker, she can find me if she wants to. I look forward to b-slapping that ho.... haha.

I hope I’m wrong about that suspicion. I’m definitely going to proceed with caution though.


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May 21, 2012