Respect, Love, And Patience


I demand ultimate respect in a relationship.  I may be a submissive but you better dayum well respect that this is a gift I give you and not something that can be taken.  My dad started me thinking about this yesterday when he made a comment about men and respect.  When I am in a relationship with someone I am a little bit old fashioned. I love being courted.  I love the man who makes me feel like I am the most wonderful woman in the world and that there is no one out there that can compete with me. I know this is true but I want my man to know it too.  I want to feel safe and secure and much loved. I have to be able to trust the man I am with to protect the many secrets I share with him.  I can’t feel like just a piece of meat or I am out the door fast.  I have to feel like I have unlimited time to become completely comfortable with a man and that I can trust him with my heart. I told you I am old fashioned. I don’t just jump in bed with every man I meet.

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I am sure i will be but okay.

and let me know you are okay.

yeah i realize that..

Oh you need to go to the doctor.

There is a pain in my chest. On my right side causing a lot of pain. I can feel it throbbing with pain.

You noticed I have avoiding asking what is throbbing but here goes.... what is throbbing? (( Hoping I don't regret asking that.))

I can breath in between the throbbing pressure.

If you can't breathe you might.

The pain isn't in my head, so i wont pass out.

yes, but you need to take care of yourself and get your grandmother to take you to the doctor. You don't want to pass out driving.

I dunno i don't think i would want to fall asleep when it is hard to breath. Might not wake up again. I am going to make such a great fighter...

Oh my... Maybe take half an aspirin too.

I have been trying to all day, but it is hard to breath when i am laying down.

Why not get a little rest? Maybe if you are able to rest in a certain position you will feel better?

Nothing you or i can do right now. Was thinking about working out, but im not going to. Can't sleep right now either.

If I could help I would.

Yeah well this time i am too. Going to be awhile before it is morning though.

let me know that you are okay. You know I worry.

Just at least let me heal first. I might have to go to ER later today.

Okay I won't but some day!

plz dont it would really hurt right now..

____________________ i just want to hug you right now Ar.

Well maybe one day i will know, and maybe i never will. Hard to say what life will bring, and how much we have left.

It is the most amazing feeling in the world.

That sure would be sweet from time to time though. To know what it feels like to be desired at least once.

LMAO!!!! _________________________

Well that is pretty easy for me. I am not highly desirable after all. Never had to carry a stick while walking down the street.

I love to prank back and forth but I have to know that if I am giving you my body i can trust you niot to be doing it with every woman you meet.

So no pranks? They can be funny...