What Would You Fight For??

I am not sure I would always fight for my life.
Life might not be worth fighting for.

I am not sure I would always fight for my wife.
A wife isn't always worth fighting for.

Nor my children, nor my country, nor my fellow-men.
It all deprnds whether I found them worth fighting for.

The only thing men invariably fight for
Is their money. But I doubt if I'd fight for mine, anyhow
not to shed a lot of blood over it.

Yet one thing I do fight for, tooth and nail, all the time.
And that is my bit of inward peace, where I am at one
with myself.

And I must say, I am often worsted.

DH Lawrence

mtvlm mtvlm
41-45, M
1 Response May 10, 2012

i faught for my country think it was the right thing to do i now wish i had of had the sense to have gone to canada like ,amy others and taken my wife with me<br />
<br />
wouldi be the same person today i do not know wouldmy wife still be alive today i do not know<br />
<br />
but she would not have given her life for a country that really could care less she was just another vetthat lost her life in viet nam for no reason