Two months ago I graduated from collage.  While I was in collage I found myself a job.  Was not that great paying but I got myself comfy there and now that I have graduated and have many opportunities comming my way.  I all of a sudden have this great fear of leaving this job and going to another, learning new things and failing.  I do not know where this fear has come from.  I could get more pay, holidays, sick days, dental and medical coverage but there is this strong fear of moving forward.  I just dont know what to do and where this is comming from.  Life sure is confusing sometimes. Even at my age I still get lost as to what to do.

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5 Responses Mar 18, 2009

Good idea will try that thanks )

Yes something to consider, The people I work with are not very friendly just work oriented nothing more, Im hoping one day I will get this figured out grins

Is there something special about this job you are in that keeps you there? Maybe the people you work with are lovely? That is very important, more important than more money if you can get by. Or if not is it insecurity or fear? Maybe you'd be best to take the opportunies coming up. It could change your life.

if you are young.u go for it.

Yes I need to overcome this fear of mine