Me And My Heart

Isn't it crazy that our heart are just an organ buried deep in our chests.
We carry them around with us, every experience we have, they have.
Every feeling and every thought.
I don't think about it, I barely notice that it is there until I let someone in and break it.
Then I feel it pounding on trying hard to get me through to keep me going.
Memories are linked to my heart thoughts songs people my heart can react and I can feel it
When I think of him I feel empty and sad.
When I see him my heart knows and it starts pounding harder and harder like it is trying to get out of my chests
How does it know? I tell myself I'm over him but as soon as I see him or think of him my heart tells me I am wrong.
Its the one thing I cannot control.
It will lead me in directions I would never have trusted my brain to.
As I know my heart will never lie to me.
niamhynoo niamhynoo
22-25, F
Dec 9, 2011