Getting hurt is an inevitability, just be smarter about it: Don't form an attachment to anyone if you can help it, i.e listening to problems, giving them a shoulder to lean on, trying to solve whatever is going on with them. Just. Don't. Take it from your old pal, they will use you when they're done and let you go. Just keep conversations short and general, casual and lighthearted. Asking "what's wrong" opens a pandora's box of their issues, so don't get sucked into it by asking if something is bothering them. Don't do things for them like favors, errands, lending them money(unless they will give you it back) or buying them ****, because then they will expect it and come back for more- and if you don't then they will really leave. Probably the biggest thing, ffs- don't sleep with them. Don't do that unless you're certain you're both committed to each other and in love. The "hook up"/FWB culture is a sure fire way to get your heart ground into the dirt like an old cigarette. If you meet someone and they say "I'm not looking for anything serious", 9/10 they are NOT looking for something serious- read the signs, look for the cues and if all signs point to "I just want a casual hook up and nothing else.." RUN. Don't sit and think on it, or try to win them over, just DONT DO IT. Especially if you know you want something more in that area, its not worth it. It's best not to help anyone- you can but just be wary. People in general can take care of themselves and get back on their feet if they're in a down spot in their lives. The only people who can't are the physically disabled and the terminally ill, those are the only ones. The rest, can and will. Don't waste your time, and don't put yourself in situations where people can exploit you and hurt you. Look after YOU, because you are the most important person in this life.
Lov3intheasylum Lov3intheasylum
36-40, F
Aug 27, 2014