No Nuptials

Fifteen Reasons Why Being Single is Great

1. You can get home from work whenever you need to. No calls. No apologies. Your career is your own.

2. Less birthdays and anniversaries to waste time buying presents for, and get yelled at for forgetting

3. No in-laws.

4. You can have a social life after 30

5. You can leave the bathroom as smelly and disgusting as you want.

6. You know exactly how much money is left in your account.

7. Never have to explain where you've been or what you did

8. No one cares if you wash your car-- or not

9. You can drink things out right out of the container

10. You can pass gas when you want to

11. Your opinion is always the best opinion.

12. You can enjoy the silence anytime you want

13. Wedding rings cost over $4k

14. You don't have to hang out with couples. Or worse, couples with kids.

15. If you get fired from a job, you're not a loser, you're just figuring yourself out.
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6 Responses Aug 3, 2007

I agree. But here's 16.

Weddings can cost an upwards of $40,000.

marriage should not be the hardest work on earth. if it is to you then your not with the right person.

TheTruth (according to you),<br />
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Nothing like a little sarcasm mixed with cynicism to brighten your life. However, it's hard to be irritated by it when you're so damn funny about it.<br />
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hahah, that was funny!! totally agree, marriage is over-rated! <br />
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singledom, is freedom :)

i love it!!!! its so true.

Funny! And you have room in the bed for everyone else you want to invite.