I was such an embarrassing child. I used to really adore one of my mum's friends, everywhere we went I wanted to hold hands and I insisted that one day we were going to get married and have these six kids. Obviously I seriously regretted saying this because they never let me live it down. "I'll marry you when you're 16 then" he would go. Mum would always laugh, they seemed to think it was really cute. Then years later, we paid another visit, this time I was coincidentally just turning 16. The guy had been drinking beer after beer and remarked "how is it possible you have such a beautiful daughter, is this wedding still on!" "Not anymore" I cringed, wanting to hide under a rock. I hoped the subject would be changed. It wasn't all afternoon. I don't think I've ever felt so ashamed of anything in my life. Well I'll probably hope to get married one day, but certainly not to that guy anyway!
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Lol that's so embarassing but cute. Haha cool story