The Reasons Why I Can't Forget My Crush...

  • I told him I was over it, when I wasn't... just to let him off the guilt he imposed on himself
  • He's still speaking to me
  • He's single now
  • I don't care what people say about him
and the important one
  • He'll never ask me to be with him

So, WHY do I need to get over him and "do SO much better"? Do tell, caring public!
TheRealWoman TheRealWoman
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4 Responses Jul 26, 2010

Heyy girls I need u guys help !!! I been liking this guy for months now I do everything to forget about him but I can't :/ we stopped talking for a while... N I was actually getting over him n now tht he came back into my life I can't get him out my head !!! I don't knoe if he liked me back butt thn I do cux he would hug me a lot n sang me boyfriend by Justin bieber, n as long as you love me !! He even tried to kiss me butt I didn't let him !!! N he would stare at him a lot ... Butt I know for a fact tht he's a major player !!! I was planning to him how I feel but I didn't have the nerve !! What should I do ? Do I move on or keep on trying ??

The hugs, smiles and shared sweetness is real. What he did or said to other women is not my concern if he likes me...I'm just so confused as to why this mutual friend keeps telling me not to 'fall in love' with him because he supposedly was an *** to her. Until he hurts me, one-on-one, our friendship and affection shall continue.<br />
<br />
If that's unwise, then let me be a happy, hugging fool.

BUT WHY do I have to? I know he only sees me as a friend and it may be many months until we meet face-to-face again after next week. Can't I have him in fantasy?

It's just a crush, his smile and hugs make me feel warm. If I let go, I will be physically void of affection.