Want The Baby, Not The Pregnancy!!

I want to have bareback sex b/c I want to see how it feels. I want to be creampied/*** inside b/c I want to see how it feels & ALSO b/c it'll be a "deal". U don't make me do the stuff I don't wanna do, & u'll get to cream me w/no condom! U know? BUT, I just don't want to get pregnant. NOT b/c I don't like kids,...I LOVE kids!!!! :) It's just that,...I'm not in a good place in my life right now to be pregnant. If I am,...my parents would find out I had sex b4 marriage & I'm not in good physical shape. I don't want to pass down anything of mine that I might get, like gestational diabeties or overweight stuff to my kid(s).
Lastly,.... I'm dead afraid of all the stuff that comes along with pregnancy. Like, the pain of childbirth, for one thing!! The mood swings, the big ankles, back pains, ANY kind of pain, the stuff u have to eat or can't eat b/c of it, or the looks u'll get weather their good or BAD looks. People wanting to feel your stomach or talk to u about it, even if their complete strangers!! The choices/decisions I'd have to make about where to live, the room design, the NAMES!!!! Oy!!! Just WAY to overwhelming!!! Or the drs!!! I've never had any kind of exam,...down there,....& I don't want it to start just cuz of the baby!! :( I'm scared of the drs!!!
SO,....with ALL that being said,....I LOVE babies/kids, don't want the pregnancy part!!! :)
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Jan 19, 2013