Well, This Is An Experience I Can Guarantee Will Not Happen

Well, since I am in the Sexless Marriage Group, this really goes hand in hand.

Damn - to think if I were in the 'I really want to get pregnant' group ! 

No, I have a beautiful son.  He is four.  He bounces off of anything that sits still (including the cat).  I am also separated, so that makes it more difficult too.

At one time, I was thinking that maybe I should have another kid, but I think God changed his mind.  Maybe in another lifetime, I would be a mother of multiple children - but not in this life.  So why is it that as I become older, I feel that I am actually hornier NOW at 36, than I was at 18??? I mean - this is frustrating.  At least as a teenager I could have an excuse for not concentrating, spacing into clouds, thinking of sex because that is what teens do.

I think it is my biological clock trying to trick me - and I say NO MORE!!! 

Is there a pill to take this urge away? : )

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8 Responses Dec 9, 2008

foggynotion - you are absolutely right! I have a high sex drive and no sex. I think this is making me lose IQ points each day, right now I would be lousy anyway .... :(

I guess I was commenting on how sex drives effect other aspects of motivation and day to day life. However, a high sex drive combined with no sex DOES DRIVE ME NUTS (no pun intended).

Oh, come one Nobody! Think of how much fun we could have .... and I would scream your name?? : )

Oh, I don't know RW about embracing my desires right now. That's how I became pregnant with my son ! : ) Although, I would really like to embrace a desire about now.

Embrace every desire, reach every goal.

Now I got it! Thanks ND. <br />
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Foggy - I don't know about that. If you have a high sex drive and are having sex, fantastic. If you have a high sex drive and not having the release? I don't know about you, but I feel like I start losing IQ points if I don't ******. I feel stupid, etc. All I can think about is sex, and then I ******, and then I think of sex.

Oh - like Alice in Wonderland? Is that the one that makes you bigger? Maybe then there would be room for the ****** [LOL]!

I think there are meds to curb the desire, BUT WHY! I'm in the sexless marraige group as well. My wife accomplished your goal with a partial hysterectomy. Personally, I think the lack of sexual desire changed her personality. She's much more of a pessimist, get's depressed easier, and seems stressed out all the time. <br />
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Although I get no sex, I hope the strong desire never subsides. I'd give my right arm to have my wife be as you describe. Although I know you have many factors behind your sentiments, it pains me to hear you want to that drive to go away.