Holy Crap

The rates are up and the temperatures are down. I'm talking Arctic blast. I kept the thermostat at 67deg. I wore my  fuzzy clothes to stay warm .The  December energy bill was very high. We all do our part to stay in a budget..I do.  I'm going to be in shock ... Conservation goes so far when you're still too cold.

wiseowl wiseowl
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4 Responses Jan 9, 2010

Hi june1999,<br />
what you heard is correct, it can get up to the mid 40's here.<br />

Ha. I bet you're running the AC very high, Mal :) I heard it gets to 43-44 deg Celcius there.<br />
<br />
Stay warm Owlie, I don't want you freezing!

Oh for sure...the A/C bill can be just as bad. I lived in Florida & you NEED A/C to function or you'll get sick. But then why would any energy Co think of ways to reduce rates? Solar energy is great but for now, most have never seen it & likely never will.

Hi wiseowl,<br />
we're not looking forward to our next power bill either, but it's for opposite reasons. We're been getting some of the worst heat-waves on record and have been running the air conditioners all day.<br />
Mal :)