I'm 19, almost 20, and the university I attended last semester just started classes today. I am not enrolled in classes due to some financial aid problems. But my father seems to think that I need to go to school and that taking a semester off is a bad thing. Well, you tell me what is worse. Taking a semester or two off school, or continuing in a degree that I don't want. I don't want the degree because I am unsure of what i want to do. I have dreams, as previously mentioned in an old post, but I'm also realistic. Why should I go to school and get a degree in a field that I was fond of a year ago, but it now has no place or meaning in my life now. Why should I ware more money going into a degree that I will undoubtedly change in the future if I have any common sense.
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You know, after looking at my posts, I've realize that I really don't do much except *****, is that all this websites good for? It can't be, but that's all I really make out of it. I'm gonna go help people, I'm pretty content with myself, I should spend more time helping others that aren't

But I'm not a person that wants everything handed to them. I am prepare to work hard, and I know what hard work is like, and in a way, I actually enjoy it. I'm ready I continue my life, and work had to do it. Just not the way my parents want me to. Just because I got good grades in high school doesn't mean I'm cut out for college. That also means that just because someone did poorly in high school, doesn't mean that they aren't cut out for college. That's the way of life, and college isn't for me. And that may change in the future, but not now. I'm tired of being run by Americas system... Go to school, go to college, get degree, get job, have family, get house...etc. none of it is right for me right now. Why should I waste the best years of my life trapped under the stress of school. I can do that later.

It's hilarious really. I told my dad I didn't know what I wanted to go I school for, and he followed with "figure it out then, and quick." No offense to my father but WHAT THE **** IS THAT. Just "figure it out," figure out what u want to do for the rest of this short ride that we call life. **** me.