3 Triple Year 9 Lessons On a Monday

I don't like my new school. I know I was spoilt at my last place, but the place before was hell. I am now back to worrying about being beaten up by the kids, about being beaten up by the parents, about becoming a social worker and not a teacher. Im actually really frustrated that I have not managed to do much work, if any with some of my classes because it's all about behaviour management and not teaching.

What really ****** me off though... these kids have no reason to be like this. They all come from stable-ish families, none of them have been kicked out/beaten up or treated badly by their parents/carers. At least the boys in Croydon had a reason for the behaviour, but at least they were a little grateful that they were being given the chance for some kind of education.

I now have to worry about one of the women in my department seeing me as a threat for her job. I dont want it, I dont want to be there much longer but need to stick it out til christmas. If anyone knows of any teaching jobs in London, send them my way. The kids in the sticks are spoilt and don't like being told no.

I want to teach again

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Oct 5, 2008