Already Old and Alone

Never thought I'd end up my age and be alone but here I man, no children, no job, no life.... it all stinks.  Spend 99% of my time completely alone.  Never would have thought I'd have  a lonely empty life but here I am.  I'm sure I'll continue to be alone until I can get rid of major bitterness and hurt from the past.  Don't know how to do that, does anyone have advice?
tessieann tessieann
51-55, F
5 Responses May 29, 2007

Hey i would love to help , but idont know way to start from, nestary nice time

Life doesnt not have to be like that you know. It is the choices we make. I am 56 now and the last 2 years I have only just started to discover myself (abit late some would say) - nonetheless I am now enjoying my peace - my peace of mind. It has not been easy. I have dealt with my resentment, anger and pain and yes I have faced up to my own defects in life. We each have our own story to tell. It was not until I found myself alone was I faced with myself, my own defects and I now understand myself so much better AND I even love myself - yes after all these years I can smile and say I am a nice human. You are not alone, not really. We are all the same, its just that we walk around thinking we are separate from everything ...we are not. We are all part of this life and it is up to us how we live it. Life as we know it is very very short. I now refuse to let the past affect my life and I do not think too hard about the future, I now live in the present and I try and enjoy every single hour I am given, even if it is just sitting in a park bench watching the world go by or I am doing a parachute jump (unlikely as I am too unfit lol). Last year I got involved with charity work over the Christmas period and it was great. I met some wonderful people of all cultures and upbringing, and some very sad stories too. There is no reason to feel alone, only if you want to be. There is so much you can do in this world - its there for your taking. And there is a big difference from being alone and feeling alone. Thinking of you.....

I know how you feel. I have similar problems. I suggest you get out of the house as much as possible. Go walking, try to be where people are, volunteer.

I like that followinitdown. There is a great deal of truth to that. Sometimes there is a lot you have to deal with if you want to get where you want to be and who you want to be. And your right about friends being vegetables too.

How old is old? I can tell you from personal experience that NOTHING gets any better until you confront the past that you are running from. You can change anything if you want to. I just bought a book called "Reinventing Yourself" and it is amazing! Get a copy. First thing you have to do is like yourself then the rest will follow...I promise