How Long Will I Remain "young"...??

I am an 18 year old teenager-person. The whole idea of growing old and not being young anymore haunts my night of thoughts each and every night.. I think of how I already feel old because I am now an "adult". I still feel young and do not want the responsobilites of an adult! I just do not want to grow old. It frightens me. I know there is a difference between "growing up" and "growing old" but I just fear both of them. I am more fearful of growing old because i know when i "grow up" I will still have my youth and my young look. I really do not want to loose my young look and my things tthat i can do with my youth. Im afraid that I will become a weak and ugly souless "grandpa" with no life waiting for death to take me. I am afraid I will not be attracted to my then soulmate and things will just end in ruin. I dont want wrinkles and aching pains all over.. I dont want old hags and old people to be my surroundings in the latee future.. I dont want unflexibility to keep me from doing crazy things!! I dont want to grow old! I want to remain forever young...
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Yes I understand and agree with you defective moon bunny.. how old are you now then?

um sorry for the negative things im going to say but that is my opinion <br />
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I dont think 18 is to young to think about that, at all<br />
I started being aware of age at a lot younger age (around 12, and i never wanted to reach 18) and sadly for me i now look a lot older than my age and i think my intuition to fear it was right.<br />
I think people should listen to themselves/their intuition and not the cliches old people toss around.<br />
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Older people r less bothered by thyr life and looks cause theyr hormones r also low <br />
They say young people see things black and white and that they should see the gray inbetween but black hair never looks good with gray in it ;) They just dont understand what young people live, and don't want to cause it makes them feel old. <br />
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Thing is where not biologically made to live till 100, at all, even though medicine might eventually get us way beyond that, where still going to be a bunch of walking zombies.

Yes i know im too young to be worrying about all that but for some reason i think about it alot when my mind just wanders... haha but thanks