Growing Old Is Something That ...

Growing old is something that often plays on my mind!  Its not that im really bothered about loosing looks n all that jazz as i never had looks anyway!

But its the fact im going to be 22 at the beginning of August and i am still living with parents n only ever dreaming of having a house, my own family, my own car!!!

I often feel like im missing out on these things n thats what scares me as i worry about when it will be my turn if ever to have these things!

Im not to bothered about the family part as im having to much fun to bother about all that fuss!! I work with kids n glad i dont have to take them home so however broiody i get n feel the need to have one i remind myself that i would have to get a stable boyfriend n i cant be bothered to do that just yet n sacrifice my fun times with my best mate!
sazead sazead
22-25, F
Apr 30, 2007