Scared to Death!

I am terrified of dying, and old age is the first step.    I AM SOO SCARED.
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4 Responses Feb 11, 2007

One needs not to fear death, after all, its just another part of living.

Why be afraid of something that is inevitable? And, anyway, you will probably cycle around again...<br />
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Dying will be an adventure!

Well, I'm already old and could cough up a lung any moment but I'll tell you this, growing old is nothing. For that matter, neither is death. You're here and then you're not. No big deal. It can get bad but however bad it gets, it'll end. Obviously, I'm a nihilist, something I find comforting, so I'm not afraid of growing old or dying. Suffering? Well, that's something else but still nothing to fear. It is what it is. Meanwhile, have a good time, help others, and go exploring. There's some interesting stuff out there. Don't spend a second thinking about things you can't control.

well i'm probably what you all fear.but i'm not afraid .i do the best i can and am very happy to get up early in the morning and face another day,because i know i have faith that all will work out.God only gives you what you can handle and no live,live your life and dont worry about growing old,it will come soon enough.enjou your life now God bless and dont worry