Time Wont Stop For Me

Two things i am afraid most in my life. Change...and growing up. I dont mind so much about looking old. I am scared that i will end up alone. Everyone around me seems to move on but me...i am a free mind traped in my body as we all are. I am scared. Because the more i grow, the more i learn, the more i get bitter and hateful. I just know what the society has for old people and that is not an open hug. We are as good as the old dogs u see in an internal slumber. I am scared i will lose my memory. I have witnessed my self changing in one year from the crazy groupie to hoping to never wake up again. Its was all true, knoledge kills u and the child inside u. It replaces fantasy and hapiness. I want to stand where i am forever and never grow smarter or more wrinkled. I want to stand still and never move on. But sadly that cannot be done. Life will either trumple u to your death or drag u with it as it dashes quicker and quicker forth. Like being stuck in front of a panicked herd of bulls. Stand and wish they go around u. Or turn and run wishing u had wings. But u cant ask for a moment to think about it first.
Theanonymuswimp Theanonymuswimp
May 20, 2012