I Don't Want to Grow Old

I'm 16, and the thought of that scares me so much. I want to die before I become incapable of doing the things I love. Once I can't ride my bike or swim or dance anymore, once I'm too senile to write good poetry, once I can't see beautiful things or hear my favorite music or eat my favorite food...then I'm not truly living. I don't care what they all say. That's not life.

As soon as I can't do but one of those things, I want to die.
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I'm the exact same way. I honestly wonder if our society would be better if they offered some sort of pill, for people that really wanted it, that didn't want to grow old. You would have to be at least 21 years or older and have permission from your closest living relatives and whatnot. It scares me to think about me being incapable of something I love, too. I also don't want to live after a horrible accident. If I'm in critical condition or suffering from a fatal disease, I would much rather be painlessly put to rest.<br />
Or I would love to have a tragic death. It sounds bitchy, but I would love to be remembered. Can you imagine if I had passed on before my high school graduation? The tribute, the tears, would have been phenomenal. Of course, I care too much about my family to cause them so much harm.<br />
But really. Growing up sucks and so does growing old.

your about 2 years younger then me, and i know how you feel, its so scary how time flies i can still so clearly remember being so young and care free, and my life has only gotten harder as i grew up, time is somthing that waites for no one, so you really are not alone, every single person on this planet has to either grow old, or die young so its not only you, so quit worrying and enjoy your life now as you know it.

You're around my age. I've felt like this for a while now. From time to time i think it may not be that bad to be old now. Hope you've worked things out. :)

You're about five years older now, how do you feel? When I was your age my favorite band was singing 'hope I die before I get old'. Forty years later I'm happier with myself and less afraid of the future. I know what can go wrong in life and quite a lot has already. No creature is guaranteed a safe and comfortable life but the most comfortable and secure people are often also the most discontented.We discover meaning and purpose in life when learning to cope with life's challenges. Undoubtedly life brings unwelcome disappointment and frustration, but that is not all. It also brings unearned joy and satisfaction, opportunities that we never knew existed and unexpected pleasure. I'm older now, but more hopeful.

Getting old is not that bad. It can be tough though if you fall into poor health! Do take care of yourself, meaning your health, mind, and body. There are so many things that can happen even to a healthy person. Even if you do everything right, accidents can happen. If you can accept growing old, you can also accept eventually leaving this world. If you cut out too soon, i.e. by your own hand. You may regret the loss. How? Most people believe that the soul never dies. I believe this. If you do, then what is old age but something temporary that will eventually pass. If we are going to be here, and we are, why not make the very best of what we are given. Some people believe that this life is a gift, and a very precious one at that. I believe this. In my heart I know, "The best is yet to be and this life is not all that there is."

I 'm 55 and I am happy I'm not 16<br />
<br />
At 16 yrs. I was terribly shy, focused on my looks and worried of what everyone thought of me. At 55 no one cares and neither do I. I am finally free of my complexes.<br />
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I used to love to draw and paint at 16 years old, but then I got married. I had to keep a clean spotless home, take care of my kids and oversee the household finances. This year I picked up a paint brush for the first time in thirty years. I'm also going back to college to finally get my degree in psychology. As a wife and a mother you tend to put everyone's needs before your own.<br />
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I still ride my bike. But then I was always very athletic. I went on a bike tour through Denmark before getting anchored down the next 30 years. Look at your marathon walkers, runners, and bikers. You won't find a 16 year old among them. Most are between 30 to 50 yrs. old and a few still run into their 70's.<br />
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You do not have to be old to be unable to acheive physical stamina. Some teenagers are too heavy and have unhealthy habits that compromise them. There are people who are aged, but still keep their stamina. I knew a lady who was 103 years old. She walked everyday without a walker, which she refused to use. One day we saw the ambulance arrive at her apartment and we thought she finally kissed it. It turned out it was for her son, the couch potato, who was her caretaker.<br />
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I have a mom, aunts and uncles who are in their seventies to mid-eighties and still very active. I learned my grandfather lived to be a centarian, so I realize I may have 30 good years still ahead of me. I still have to take care that I live those with the best quality of care possible.<br />
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So, it really depends on you and how you take care of yourself as you age. <br />
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At sixteen you should be enjoying your life now to the fullest. Never set yourself up for the worst case scenario. Each person ages differently. Scientists are working on treatments for Alzeimer's, cancer and bone loss, so those examples you stated may never pertain to you. <br />
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Most of all, good aging and good state of mind go hand in hand.

thank you,that helped.:)

I'm sure you've changed your mind :)