I Feel As If Things Are Changing Too Fast

i really dont wanna grow up, simple as that. i just hate how that stage between boy to man is a difficult stage because its about accepting how things are and why things are like this and that. i also hate the amount of peer pressure that comes along with it, like for exmaple expectations. if you're an adult your expected to own a car, a house, a girlfriend, and wear a suit and tie. geez, i dont want to be that way, in fact the other day i was mistaken as a 14 year old and i liked it, because i felt like a teen again, despite being twenty and about to turn 21 very soon, i learned that age is just a number because i feel that i havent changed much since i was 15. i still like i am 15 and i am gonna let it stay like that for as long as possible. i hate wearing business suits, its too black and white for me and i hate talking formally, people who talk formally sound to snobbish and too sophisticated for my taste. i also dont have a girlfriend because i refuse to get married and have kids, i want to stay single and stay immature for as long as possible, i know its not gonna be like that forever, but i still want it to last long.
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thanks guys for the inputs and comments, i am pleased to know that i have written something that helps deilver my perceptions to those who are like minded or going through the same things as myself. i wrote this because i was hoping to make this story make people know that growing up doesnt mean you have to be boring and be serious, and i am not gonna give up on that, so thank you all for the comments, now i need to find some more on this because ep trumps facebook all the way.

@21stcenturydude you give me hope! haha hopefully I can be like that when I'm 27 :)

I totally agree with all of you. I'm fourteen and I really dont want to grow up. Boys take advantage of a childish girl like me too much so I don't want to have another boyfriend ever again. I HATE make-up. I still like cartoons and I enjoy building with lego. I really don't want to grow up, like ever. I'm terified with the idea of sex and plan to be a virgin as long as possible. <br />
I'm really glad I'm not alone with not wanting to grow up.

Hey jonnyronny :)<br />
I know what you mean! I'm 18, yet I plan on acting like I'm 12 for as long as I feel like it. When all my friends were growing up, I felt really down and left out because I couldn't stand the thought of growing up and having to be an adult. Took me too long to realise that just because they've all grown up, doesn't mean I have to! They say to be yourself, well, I'm a kid and I plan on staying that way..<br />
Glad to see I'm not alone!<br />
<br />
Amy x

Like serious.. When I read this I thought: this is so totally me :) <br />
I'm turning 20 next year.. But I really don't want to, so I consider to tell everyone the next birthdays I'm still 20.. :(<br />
I'm happy to see that I'm not alone (with this opinion)