When I Say I Don't Want Children, They Make Me Feel Ashamed.

Growing up taking care of my siblings, I had a lot of responsiblities early on so I decided I didn't want to have children. I have my long time boyfriend who is of the same mind and I feel we're being responsible in voicing our opinion. However, the reactions we get are less than pleasant. I've been told I'm selfish, that I must hate children, that I'm going against God by not having children. The way they made it sound, I was the devil for not wanting children. I got the most of it while he was left relatively unscathed. I was even told that as a woman its my responsiblity to have children as if having kids defines me in some crazy way. I don't think the world population is in any danger of dying out if I don't have one or two children. I don't get where all the hostility come from. It's my life, if I chose to not have children then that's my choice. It's not effecting someone in a negative way.
IreneT IreneT
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1 Response Jan 21, 2013

I've been living something similar. It's crazy how many people just can't accept that someone may not desire to have children, especially if it's a woman. I'm only 18, and when I say I don't want to have children, people say that I will change my mind, or react as if I'd just said something horrible. I totally agree with you, a person who doesn't want to have children shouldn't have any.

Don't let them bother you. I decided when I was 16 that I didn't want children and here at 30, I still don't want children. I keep in mind that maybe one day I will change my mind, but not now.