Article That Say Child-free Restaurants Are Result Of Narcissitic Childfree Adults

I recently read a article where the writer pretty much blamed child free adults who "don't want to grow up" as the reason for narcissitic views on children from people and businesses. There have been many restaurants that advertise as "child-free" so you can actually have an expensive dinner with your man or woman without having to accommodate for a high chair or screaming infants. He says that children cry and scream and laugh loudly and that we should just "deal with it". I have made the very grown up choice not to have children. I've never had an abortion and always practice safe sex not to mention I've been with my boyfriend for 12 years and he feels the same way. Just because we chose to not have children doesn't mean we are narcissitic it just means we chose not to have kids. The world is in no danger of dying out and I don't need anyone to "carry on my family name." I have 10 nieces and nephews. But this man means to tell us that we need to get use to screaming children while trying to enjoy and $70 steak?? Why not buy the kid a happy meal and be done with it?
IreneT IreneT
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1 Response Jan 22, 2013

To my mind it is those who who do want children are narcissitic and egoistic. I have nothing against children, everyone decides for themselves. But I've heard such arguments like "if you don't have childen it's like your life had no sense"(!??). I am not sure life has any sense at all, but certanly it is not about children. People have children for different reasons, but all of them are pretty egoistic, the decision itself is egoistic as you decide for someone else that they will live. you can't ask, it's all your responsability. and you decide that you can be a parent. (Again, I don't say people shouldn't have children at all, but a lot of poeple don't want to understand or respect the decision not to have children.)