its been over 8 yrs now since i had sex. do i miss it? no! i had a good sex drive once, n was no sl@t but have been w several men in my life. now at 39 am married almost 19 yrs. i had a hysteroctomy over 10 yrs ago, about a yr after that i lost all interest in sex. yes i tried hormones n different meds, but i have no desire 4 sex. i dont miss it. n as 4 as am concerned i will most likely never have sex again, n i dont care.
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You really should check out the I'm in a sexless marriage section I bet your husband posts there. I think it's really selfish to withhold sex from your spouse it makes you feel terribly insecure, lonely, depressed, undesirable. The fact that you don't even care is even worse! I understand no sex drive but what about loving your spouse did he want that when he married you? Did you sit him down one day and say I don't want to have sex with you anymore... Ever and I don't care. Do you at least try to please him sexually or is he allowed to have affairs? I am in a sexless marriage and I'm gonna leave him.... I'm not wasting my life with some one who's not willing to work on this issue or even discuss it's not fair to me and this is not how a marriage is supposed to work. I hope that he finds someone willing to care of his needs too.

Yeah your happy because your the one who duped the poor guy of course your happy cuz you don't care about how he feels as you said above. If he still ask for it every once in a while than that means he still wants it. Probably would ask for it more but rejection is painful! I don't care what you think of me you are just words written on the Internet to me. You are right though I am a moron for staying in a sexless marriage. I came to this section of ep because I wanted to no how people on the othe side of the coin felt. I have heard a lot of reasons but mostly from people that weren't married that didn't like sex for different reasons you just happened to be the one that sounded the coldest since you are married an you don't care- good luck with that

You probably still haven't looked at what the people say on the I live in a sexless marriage have to say. The stories there far out number the stories here literally in the thousands. I urge you to check out how some of those husbands feel. It's crazy how so many people who refuse their spouse get so surprised when they get the I'm leaving you talk. They don't see anything wrong because they are so obliviouse to their partners hurt.

I pity your husband.

I understand. Sex isn't what its cracked up to be.

wow,thanks for sharing.Did you enjoy it before?what happen?why did you lose your sex drive?<br />
Yes,what about your husband?there has to be something that you can do to enjoy sex or want sex again.Didnt it feel good?Im at a loss for words.

What about you husband does he miss it?