To Make A Long Story Short...

To my hubby -
Instead of saying you're sorry all the time for the exact same things, why not try changing your actions/words! Sorry is an empty word coming out of your mouth.  I meaningless string of words that literally angers me when spoken in your voice.  I don't want your damn apology, I want you to care enough to change what you're always sorry for!
Mom2IrishTwins Mom2IrishTwins
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1 Response Jul 27, 2012

You should write that down on a piece of paper, and tuck it in his wallet, shirt, or pants pocket, so that he'll see it. He'll be away from the house possibly. He'll read those words, and ~see~ the words. He's by himself when he reads them and that might give him a chance to think about this before getting home.. let it simmer in his mind for the day