And That Is Why

I've been pushing people away, and trying not to get close to anyone else. I don't want to hurt anyone. I don't want anyone to get hurt because of me. I hate hurting others, but I know I do it.

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Yeah, I know how you feel! I didn't realize that I pushed others away from me but I do. It hurts if we hurt somebody and it hurts when we push them away.

All we can do is stay strong and maybe change will come.

I live like this, too. I already know that someone is going to let me down and I'm going to let them down, too. What's the point? Pain does not cause growth, it causes re-traction.

I just want to talk. I'm getting tried of writing down my thoughts on paper. I just liked to talk to someone human... anyone who'd listen. Or speak.

I'm no weirdo... here's my msn, if someone liked to talk.

Comfort :)

Try and resist the urge to do that. Life should be all about getting close to them, not pushing them away. Of course, people get hurt on both sides, sometimes, but in a world which contains a lot of pain and suffering, that is par for the course; and I believe that, overall, there is always more happiness in getting close than keeping your distance.