I Do It Too Much...

I don't know how or why I do it. Somehow I always end up hurting someone. Why? Somehow  they never realize how ****** up I am. They think it's them, not me. I have made grown men cry, and it tortures me. I live for other people's pleasure, but somehow a piece of *** is never enough. I don't know why some people can't seem to live without me, and other's don't even acknowledge my existance. I think people are not sure what I am, and think there is more or lessto me. I hate to see people in pain, It hurts me deeply. I would never hurt anyone intentionally if I thought they wouldn't beniefit from it. I hate it all, and half the time I wish that I never met anyone. I think I am meant to be alone, I cause too much pain and suffering for those who have problems already without me.

pleasegivemeasmile21 pleasegivemeasmile21
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 22, 2009

This is why I stay away - FAR AWAY - from people.

Bless, Everyone is so different and our life experiences mold us in to the people we are. Some of us are to nice and some are cold and some are even in between. Don't be so hard on yourself. Were only human and none of us are perfect. if you want ot change something about yourself do it in small dosage's til the part of you you don't like is gone.x