I'll say it for what it is, I don’t care what anyone thinks, however if you think my intention is to hurt you are sadly mistaken. I will at times disguise the truth behind a metaphor, a façade if I so too wish. It makes no difference the truth or not, not in all cases. And I will always walk with my head held high despite my not so great actions, my somewhat miss fortune. And I pay no apology for it.

I don’t understand forgiveness, nor do I expect it. I'll live with the consequences of what I say because I am too stubborn to know other wise. Or too admit my fault in some cases.

But know this at times I will be frank if I see I need to be. Because sometimes we need to hear it, the truth; regardless of weather or not we want too. Like if you had something showing in between your teeth and your friend decided not to tell you, so you walk around not knowing all the while when you find out your 10times embarrassed when you realis you could have been prevented from the extra 40 or so people. Anyway you get the drift.

I do it because I care in some cases not because I want you too hurt. Even though it may not seem like it. Nothings always as it seems 

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Aug 8, 2010