Nature can't be defeated, you can't make an empire without setting it up for sabotage and the cracks are evident. There are more people on the planet than ever before with more suffering than ever before - suffering on an immense scale. And is it any wonder why? People who drive themselves to work in boxes arrive at work - a box - only to stare at a box all day, then go home to sleep in a box. It's insanity on an unprecedented level and we're taught to believe that it's okay. Apparently, it's okay to behave like a robot - to never show emotions, to use cold hard logic as opposed to intuition. Humanity is not some square you can fit into a square hole. Nature is unpredictable and humans are a product of nature.
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little boxes on the hillside..little boxes made of ticky tacky..little boxes on the hillside..little boxes all the same....

ditto galore..but it has fallen off a lil....

p.s. watch a documentary called "happy"....totally agree with your philosophy

oh my telling you..this documentary will be right up your alley...for example..when you think of a bushman..what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

lol no idea..but it doesnt matter to the point im about to make lol

well the doc is incredible to me because they went all over the world to speak to people about happiness..often the people speaking about happiness referenced the pain they had been through before speaking about the happiness. im not sure about you, but when i think about the bushmen, i think of those "naked people who live over THERE who are serious and hungry all the time, and possibly cannibalistic." but they spoke to bushmen, and i was so touched by the community that they shared. one of the dads even had bull horns and he pretended to be a bull and chase the children. it was the sweetest thing. i know that sounds boring as hell, but you should watch it....

aww you're so grateful:) incidentally, i think that gratitude is one of the fundaments of happiness....the doc im referring to showed a 60-something surfer, a japanese woman who lost her husband, families in a commune, etc..sound familiar? i have a respectfully different view than you do on our innocence.....i believe that we ARE society and that we often create our own problems....i do believe we all have good and evil in us at any time tho:) the more we talk about happiness, do you feel yourself getting happier?

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