I have lots of fears, I'm scared of airplanes I think that I will die in air plain accident, or survive and live in jungles all my life without seeing people (this one is worse than to die), I'm afraid of dying of cancer or HIV I'm afraid that when I swim sharks will eat me. But plain and shark scares me most. And I'm afraid of cataclysms. :) so much fear . Any advice?
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There is nothing to fear than fear it's self, although I am not a fan of sharks either lol

Wow, these are two things I also fear most. When I was a child I only would swim in a swimming pool, but never In the sea or lake :D I am glad I never had to use an air plain and when I saw documentaries about diseases I was traumatized for life... But think how many things you do every day. It is more dangerous to cross the street than flying. And shark attacks don't happen that often. One has to find peace in love for every moment. So many things can happen each moment. So fight the fear with love. :)

seems fear only will become the disease for the end of yours from the universe