Shingu Dojo

i am a martial artist, no not one of those people who buys a black belt and thinks they are jet lee, but a true martial artist who understands that it is a lifestyle and not a game. . . i went to japan recently to study at the shingu dojo, the origonal, the first aikido dojo in japan. only the best train there and only the weak go there to become stronger.
i went to this dojo with my teacher, someone that i look up to the most in the world and the man, that frankly, i would take a bullet for. i wen there, studied as hard as i possibly could, working my body to exhaustion physically and mentally, but what happened.
at the end, trying to make him proud, trying to show to him and his teachers than not only am i a good student, but that he is a good teacher. i worked for 2 months to show that i am a worthy student, and that i am skilled not only mentally, but physically. in the end i was told this by the man i look up to most in this world, the one i would take a bullet for if need be.

. . . you are a disgrace. . . you humiliated me. . . you humiliated your dojo. . .

i have never seen him since, and i tell myself that i have failed and that i will never see him again. . . in studying more and more without him, i plan to see him again, many years down the line, and challenge him to a sparing match (sound cliche, right?) and kick his *** and prove to him that i am worthy, that i am not a disgrace, that he humiliated me. . . very disrespectful, right? well how else am i supposed to reattain my honor?
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Well i am makin sure idint get on ur bad side!