Everybody Has A Story. But We All Want Somebody Else's Right?

for as long as i could remember I've wanted to life an exciting, adventurous, amazing life. I've wanted to make my name, show people who i am. But right now I live an extremely average, typical, BORING life, but I suppose a lot of people do. I just wish someow I could do something about it and just really be free, to fly and do something crazy. Some times I feel trapped, trapped under reality, because reality is a dreamers biggest fear. It stops everything being fun, it stops the ability for a dreamer to even dream, and makes life extremely boring. I know that I have to get up one day and stop asking for a chance for my life to be exciting instead of boring but It can be so hard to wake up from a dream. Dreams are beautiful, and real life, well, it isn't. In fact I hate it, not only because its boring, but because everything in it daunts me. It scares me as well, I'm scared that life won't turn out to be as amazing as I see it and that my dreams won't match up to it. A boring life is not what I plan I to have, but, who knows about the future right.
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sometimes fantasy is better than reality

good news is thats not actually reality. reality is subjective. I think it has to do with people in our life. as george carlin said...people are just ******* boring

You took the words right from under me. Everyone has a story.
I was told once "This is the only life we'll ever know, why not make it the best we can?"

i know i hate my f ucking life too dreams are so beautiful and then i wake up and im like uuuugggh this again reality this boring f ucking bullshi t sometimes i wish i could just sleep forever