I wanna travel the world. First stop: Paris, France. Mostly because I'm in my first year of French and by the 4th year, I will hopefully be fluent in the language. Also, I think that Seniors may get to travel to France. So that's where I wanna start. Then Italy, I wanna see the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Then China, since I took Chinese for 2 years. I wanna walk the Wall of China. I guess you can say I'm an athletic person and I love challenges aswell. I then wanna go to Spain and then Africa. Then Australia and then somewhere in South America, probably Brazil. Then Canada, then I will maybe come back home. Or I might live in Paris. How do u get that much money to travel tho??? I'm probably gonna have to save up now. All through high school and college. That is if I can get a full ride to College. I still haven't worked out much. If I wanna become a doctor, how am I gonna have time to travel??? I mean, I have to go to College and then medical school. Then I will get a job as a doctor. But I wanna travel while I'm young. When I get out of highschool, but what about college??? I just can't figure it out :P
Prettylildyke Prettylildyke
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You have the same passions as me! Paris is beautiful I promise you will love it!