I Dont Know What To Do Anymore.

I've had a mental illness for about 7 years, but only i knew about it, that something wasnt right. I didnt say anything all them years because i was scared , confused and young. i was constantly selfharming, trying to end my life and making plans for that. i messed up my education, been let down by nearly everyone around me.  Now i'm old enough, to take controll of my life, and start getting myself together (easier said than done). However, i did 'come out' and contacted doctors and people and then my family found out. its understandable they dont understand or dont know how to go about it, but, them knowing and the way they go about it, has done me more worse than good. Its got to the point where i dont want to be living in this house no more with them, i want to sort myself out. 
mhm1 mhm1
May 20, 2012