So Sick of Life


I can’t stand the world as it is today,

I’m sick of all the people and everything that they say,

Take a look around tell me what do you see?

Cuz you can’t feel the pain that’s inside of me,

Do you see that kid sitting over there?

He wants to kill himself because nobody cares,

What about her? She doesn’t seem so bad,

That’s only on the outside, inside she’s sad,

No-one has the time or patience to hear,

That at home she’s abused and living in fear,

It’s all about money, wealth, greed,

And nobody cares about health, needs,

They think the solution to crime is war,

But killing people has never solved a thing before,

I’m sick of how nothing in the world is fair,

Some people have everything but they don’t wanna share,

Some kids out there don’t have food to eat,

They don’t own a penny, have nowhere to sleep,

What about the animals bred everyday,

Given as a present and then thrown away,

I’d love to see the numbers in shelters halved,

But all I can see is more abused and starved,

Kids in the third world with nowhere to play,

Cuz a bomb blew their town up yesterday,

I’m sick of everybody killing each other,

Seeing innocent children running for cover,

Women too scared to stand up for their rights,

Cuz when the go home they’ll be beaten at night,

I’m really not sure if love even exists,

Cuz what kind of person shows love with their fists?


I wish all the rich would take a second and stop,

Just to look at the luck and all the things that they’ve got,

Look at that girl in the mental home,

All that she wanted was some time alone,

With scars on her wrists people ask why,

It helps ease the pain and it helps her to cry,

Not enough people give kids their time,

Then wonder why they turn to drugs, crime,

No-one to talk to they hold it all inside,

When it all gets too much it leads to suicide,

Did you know that the rates are on the increase now?

Why’d it get so bad? I don’t know how,

If only everyone got their priorities straight,

I’m sure that the world wouldn’t be in this state,

I need to say something about life as it is,

Cuz I don’t think I can take much more of this,

I put pen to paper and let out a sigh,

Write my final letter and sign it goodbye,

I’m sorry it’s like this, if I could just be okay,

But this world aint changing, or the games people play,

I guess I wasn’t cut out to live in this place,

I can’t help my feelings or put a smile on my face,

So this is my exit, the end of it all,

I’m better of dead because life is too cruel.

thesoundofsilence thesoundofsilence
18-21, F
6 Responses Jul 3, 2007

"The Road of Depression"<br />
<br />
I’m sick of doubt<br />
Disgusted with life<br />
Thoughts of death<br />
Suicide<br />
Is the world so screwed<br />
Or is it just me<br />
How will I survive<br />
This slimy reality<br />
<br />
One plus one<br />
Equals four in war<br />
Life and death<br />
It’s like opening a door<br />
Love relations<br />
Don’t exist no more<br />
Termination<br />
The only way <br />
To settle any scores<br />
<br />
One hundred<br />
Two hundred<br />
And the number carries on<br />
Of lost<br />
Forgotten ones<br />
Those wish only to be gone<br />
Stranded<br />
Trapped In this world of ****<br />
By friends and others<br />
O just stupid myths<br />
<br />
One day all this pain will end<br />
Will I then be happy again

i agree wtih you totally.. this world is so screwed. it makes living a chore and seemingly purposeless...

I cant take life either, every second is torture man.

I think you're very talented. I also write poetry, usually as a means to clear my head. I think this work of yours is beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes, in a good way. And yet I feel as though it resonates so strongly with my own feelings, my own view of the world. I'll keep reading. I hope you keep writing.

No seas left to sail, no mountains left to climb. Where do you bury your heart if you can't make a history find.<br />
<br />
Look at your life and what you do have. I wish I could write as well as you do, if you are responsible for that poem above. In it I can see all your reasons for not wanting to live, but you have one reason not to die..<br />
You can help! Ever seen the little boy sing the song "one voice". Age is not a barrier for helping people and with what you have already, god has equiped you well to do just that.<br />
<br />
Put your thoughts aside of all the bad things and find something you know more about then all the others and there you will find your own way to help. It won't change all things overnight, but it will change bit by bit if each of us contribute something.<br />
<br />

Please hold on.