I Give Up

I hope there are not others like me. because I am at the end of my robe and I feel like jumping off of a cliff. please spare me the God will help you or doctors. If you only knew how many times I've heard it. Go see someone. talk to someone. well I did I went and saw them and I prayed and do you know what happened?  nothing nadda zip. the drugs did not make me hate myself or my life any less nothing did. I have ruined my life and I hate the person responsible for it. As a matter of fact I am planning on killing the person responsible for all my pain.  I have to say though. I'm going to miss wonderful things like cancer and heart ache and migraines and annoying bosses, and equally annoying subordinates. I will miss getting ssick and watching my kids get their hearts ripped out by some heartless sea hag who can't spell monogamy, let alone practice it. I will miss seeing this global warming thing come to it's peak. I will miss helping a friend move and getting a couple of slices of pizza and two weeks of back pain. (hire a damn mover next time) I will miss seeing my neighbors kid(s) getting shot because of course he didn't deserve it (yea right) standing in the "wrong place at the wrong time".


People keep telling me I'm bitter. HELLYEA I'm fuxing bitter life has done nothing but try  to **** me in the wrong way. I married the wrong broad and ruined my life. I suck and I hate myself.


by the time you read this hopefully I killed the mutha f&^%$er  responsible. And I can blame noone but myself.

jeriyko jeriyko
31-35, M
1 Response Feb 15, 2010

yeah I hate it too when my mother tells me I need to pray and all that. drives me nuts. I choose to ignore that advice because it won't help my husband who has just become a paraplegic thanks to a tree falling at a stupid school sports day.